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Awarded an OBE in The Queen's Birthday Honours List in 2015,  Julia Hobsbawm is a businesswoman who founded the 'knowledge networking' business www.editorialintelligence.com and who writes, teaches, and gives speeches on a number of topics including entrepreneurship, networking, women in business, worklife balance, and business productivity. She is the world's first professor of Networking, having been made Honorary Visiting Professor by London's Cass Business School and the author of several books and articles covering communication, business, the media and the future of the workplace. She has written and presented the 5 part BBC Radio 4 series "Networking Nation" She is writing a new book about the connected worker, networks and the concept of 'social health' which will be published in 2017.


Julia Hobsbawm speaks to corporate and public sector audiences alike about her key topics of networks, networking and social health; Inclusion in the workplace; and entrepreneurialism. Recent keynotes, panel appearances and presentations include; Accenture; Barclays; EY; Foreign & Commonwealth Office; IKEA; INFORMA; Online Educa, Berlin; Speakers for Schools; SONY; WPP's Stream; WOW Festival.

Speaking enquiries: holly@eighteenofour.com



  • Standard Chartered
  • Parkinson's Society
  • University of Manchester
  • Bath Festival of Literature
  • Mansfield College, University of Oxford
  • Smart Business Show, Dublin


  • 'The Next Billion' Quartz.com conference
  • Trendwatching Live 2015, London
  • Management Today Live conference, London
  • CIPR Annual Conference
  • Culture Comms Conference


  • CASE Europe Annual Conference
  • Good Day at Work Conference


Quartz.com's "The Next Billion" conference, London, May 2015

PSYCHOLOGY: Social Proof - How do ideas spread? Julia Hobsbawm on the Threshold Model, Cascade Effect, Social Proof and Stickiness.

Speaking enquiries: holly@eighteenofour.com


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Julia founded and runs the knowledge networking business Editorial Intelligence, which has pioneered a new way of looking at networking in the social network era.

In 2011 she was made Honorary Visiting Professor in Networking - a world first - at Cass Business School London, and in 2012 became Honorary Visiting Professor in Business networking at UCS Suffolk. Since then has lectured and presented her views around the world to business audiences.

She spent two year's as the only UK media CEO on the World Economic Forum's "brainstorm" Global Agenda Council, looking at the future of Informed Societies, and in 2012 was made 'Media Woman of the Year' by the First Women Awards. In 2014 the Foreign & Commonwealth Office invited her to join its Diplomatic Excellence Panel.

In a career which started on a Telex machine and currently include daily updates on Twitter, Julia has been active in communications in the UK and globally during some of the most seismic changes in technology - the arrival of the internet, of 24/7 broadcasting, and of the mobile world.

Twitter: @juliahobsbawm
LinkedIn: juliahobsbawm
Blog: juliahobsbawm.wordpress.com


Registered address: 41 Cheverton Road London N19 3BA

Twitter: @juliahobsbawm
LinkedIn: juliahobsbawm
Email: julia@juliahobsbawm.com
Phone: 07967 813 975