Julia Hobsbawm is a businesswoman who founded the 'knowledge networking' business www.editorialintelligence.com and who writes, teaches, and gives speeches on a number of topics including entrepreneurship, networking, women in business, worklife balance, and business productivity. She is the world's first professor of Networking, having been made Honorary Visiting Professor by London's Cass Business School and the author of several books and articles covering communication, business, the media and the future of the workplace. She has written and presented the 5 part BBC Radio 4 series "Networking Nation".

'Catalyst for phenomenal thinking'

  First Women Awards

'Networking Guru'

  International Herald Tribune

'London's finest salonniere'

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Speaking & Events 2014/15


September: Kit Kat Club
October: Inspirational Women
November: Good Day at Work
EY Graduate Day
December: Online Education Forum, Berlin

Julia Hobsbawm speaks regularly to corporate and other event audiences as well as being a speaker for Speakers4Schools. Recent speeches include INFORMA; Hay Festival for Literature; Maki Conference hosted by Cass Business School; as well as The London Library; UBS; Verizon, IKEA’s Global Women’s Network launch in Sweden, the Institute of Directors IOD Women as Leaders conference and the Sunday Times/Wellington College Festival of Education.
Enquiries: julia@juliahobsbawm.com

Workshops & Coaching

Confidence and Skill in Networking

Julia personally runs some of the Editorial Intelligence 'Connecting for Success' learning & development networking programmes and mentors individual women and men identified as High Potentials or in Leadership Teams.
Email: julia@editorialintelligence.com

Top Time Management for better Work-Life Balance

Time is of the essence. Learn how to manage it better, prioritise, and have technology-free-time to be more productive in these small group workshops.
Email: julia@juliahobsbawm.com

Biography - From Telex to Twitter

Julia founded and runs the knowledge networking business Editorial Intelligence, which has pioneered a new way of looking at networking in the social network era.

In 2011 she was made Honorary Visiting Professor in Networking - a world first - at Cass Business School London, and in 2012 became Honorary Visiting Professor in Business networking at UCS Suffolk. Since then has lectured and presented her views around the world to business audiences.

She spent two year's as the only UK media CEO on the World Economic Forum's "brainstorm" Global Agenda Council, looking at the future of Informed Societies, and in 2012 was made 'Media Woman of the Year' by the First Women Awards. In 2014 the Foreign & Commonwealth Office invited her to join its Diplomatic Excellence Panel.

In a career which started on a Telex machine and currently include daily updates on Twitter, Julia has been active in communications in the UK and globally during some of the most seismic changes in technology - the arrival of the internet, of 24/7 broadcasting, and of the mobile world.

Twitter: @juliahobsbawm
LinkedIn: juliahobsbawm
Blog: juliahobsbawm.wordpress.com


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