The Simplicity Principle

Julia’s new book The Simplicity Principle was published in the UK and US in April 2020 by Kogan Page.

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Fully Connected:

A look ahead to working and networking in 2020

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The See-Saw

100 ideas for Work Life Balance

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'I thoroughly enjoyed Fully Connected. Amazing insights on a subject critical to modern working and living. I wholly endorse it, not just as a must-read but also as a much-needed compass to navigating the 21st century workplace'

Dambisa Moyo, Economist and Author

'Connectedness is the word of the moment, and Julia knows more about it than anyone I know'

Dylan Jones OBE, Editor, GQ

'Julia Hobsbawm is the unofficial UK Queen of Networking, but she understands that networking is about much more than lunches and parties. As a student of networks in history, I read Fully Connected with great pleasure and profit'

Niall Ferguson, senior fellow, the Hoover Institution, Stanford University

'Brimming with ideas and insights - fascinating, intriguing, thoughtful'

Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practice, London Business School

'I am buzzing about this book. Really outstanding'

William Eccleshare, President and CEO, Clear Channel International

'Fully Connected is the most profound book about connectivity published this century. Hobsbawm nails it. She's the Marshall McLuhan of our always-on age'

Andrew Keen, author of 'Digital Vertigo' and 'The Internet is Not The Answer